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Sunday, 24 February 2013


Looking Forward  Patent Pending
The LOOKING FORWARD HEAD SUPPORT SYSTEM™ is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure medical problems.
Because everyone is different and have their own physical limitations and unique levels of dropped head, there is no 'set in stone' rule for adapting to the Looking Forward Head Support System. 
The Looking Forward is to be  used as a 'helper'.  It is not a cure.  Wearing success can depend on just how much you wish to or can adapt to something new.  When we are suffering  from a headache we take a pill .  The instant gratification of being relieved of our discomfort is alleviated by swallowing that pill.   Instant gratification with the Looking Forward should not be expected. The reason being,  each  person has  their own level  of tolerance and adaptability.  The more you experiment with the Looking Forward the easier it will be to find your level of wear ability and comfort.  The more you WANT to get the benefits of the Looking Forward, the more success you will have.
While adjusting  to wearing the Looking Forward Headband or Cap,  you will need to  find the most beneficial place when crossing the band behind your head.    Some customers find that crossing it just  behind the neck works best while others find that crossing it lower ,toward the  center of their back is more helpful.    This crossing , pulling and stretching  of the band is how the head lift is obtained. Just winding the band around the forehead and torso will not contribute to the lift of the head.   Experiment with  placement when crossing  the band to meet your individual requirements.
When you have the band or cap correctly placed on your head or forehead , cross it behind your neck and then be sure to PULL DOWNWARD TOWARD YOUR HIPS TO GET AS MUCH STRETCH FROM THE BAND AS POSSIBLE. Then, bring the two ends of the band around to the front of your body and secure it under the breast. This pulling and stretching will assure you get the maximum amount  of head lift.        
Here are some suggestions from our clients who have been wearing  and enjoying their  Looking Forward  with great success.
1. The first time you try the Looking Forward Headband or Cap system have someone assist you.  
2. Plan on wearing the Headband or Cap for short intervals (we recommend 1/2 hour 3 to 4 times a day building time each day or weekly as you become comfortable) Please, take your time. Each person will adapt at their own level
3.A  good way to adjust to the Looking Forward  is to sit in a reclining position so that your head is supported.  When you are lying down or leaning backward the head will automatically have more support .   Leaning back in a recliner or propped up in the bed with pillows is a good way to try this.
4.  Sit reclining with the band or cap on for as long as you are comfortable. When you feel that  you want to try sitting upright in a regular chair, do so.  Should you tire, remove the band or cap for a while and begin again.  Many have said their balance becomes better while wearing the Looking Forward. This too is individual so please go slowly, at your own pace. When you are feeling comfortable you may begin wearing your Looking Forward while standing and walking.  
5. When dining or conversing it is a good idea to sit in a chair with a lower back that is no higher than your shoulder blades.  A high back chair does not allow your body to lean backward and will actually push your torso forward. This leaning forward will push your head downward.     Being able to lean slightly back in a chair  will help you to keep head  up more easily.   While sitting, keep  your back  as straight as possible. Don't slouch and try to remember to keep your  shoulders and hips pressed back toward the chair back.
6. If the band is covering your ears you can  lift and raise the band slightly off of the ear opening.  As you adjust to wearing the band the position of being over the ear will not be a problem.
7. If you wear glasses, the stems of the glasses can be worn under or over the band, depending on the style of the frames.  Frames with a flat 'arm' or stem are best with the Looking Forward System.
8. If you wear a neck brace, the Looking Forward can be put on after the neck brace is in  place. We recommend you discuss this with your physician before using the Looking Forward alone or with any other apparatus. 
The LOOKING FORWARD HEAD SUPPORT SYSTEM™ is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure medical problems.